George K. Porter Gifted Magnet Middle School

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Magnet Introduction



The Porter Middle School Gifted/High Ability Magnet is designed for students in grades 6,7,  and 8.  This magnet offers a differentiated curriculum for students in accelerated classes.  The curriculum is designed to help the students develop critical thinking skills, research and study skills, and creativity. Students at Porter Gifted Magnet enjoy small class sizes, enthusiastic teachers, and an interdisciplinary curriculum.  Porter Gifted Magnet has been designated a Model of Excellence Program by LAUSD.

Educational Philosophy
Porter Middle School Magnet provides a rigorous academic environment in which students of ethnically diverse backgrounds can grow intellectually, socially, and emotionally. Students are assisted in achieving their maximum potential through the use of innovative and proven instructional methods.

Faculty/ Personnel
Full-time coordinator
Award-winning, experienced faculty
Full-time Nurse

Program Support

  • Counseling Groups
  • Lunch Lab/Tutoring at Lunch
  • After School Tutoring
  • Grade-Level Counselors
  • Intervention Classes

Honors and academically enriched classes
Sixth grade teams of two teachers for academics
Teaming of academic teachers in seventh and eighth grades
Algebra and geometry available for accelerated students
Spanish I and II
Music program, beginning and advanced courses
Art, Leadership, Computers, Winds, Strings, Orchestra, Yearbook, Student Service

Parental Involvement

  • School Site Council
  • Bilingual Advisory Council
  • Magnet/Gifted Parent Meetings
  • Back to School/Open House
  • PHBAO Conferences

Extracurricular Activities

  • After-school sports program
  • Olympians (Junior Honor Society)
  • Dances
  • Eighth Grade intramural football game
  • After-School tutoring and Intervention
  • Washington D.C. trip (8th Grade)
  • Lunchtime homeroom competitions
  • Lunch and After-School Clubs
  • After-School All Stars