George K. Porter Gifted Magnet Middle School

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Porter Magnet Sustainability Program

At Porter Gifted Magnet, we offer a differentiated curriculum for students in accelerated classes.  The curriculum, and the theme of environmental stewardship, is designed to help students develop critical thinking skills, research and study skills, and creativity through performance based projects, collaboration, and problem solving. Our gifted/high ability students are taught to go beyond the surface understanding of a concept, and enhance their ability to think critically by looking at concepts with depth and complexity, thus making them ready for high school and beyond.   


At Porter Magnet, there is an all-inclusive approach to environmental stewardship.  Porter’s environmental program is educating the students, staff and administrators to expand their global awareness. Students are exposed to a variety of environmental situations such as climate change, recycling, water awareness, and resource conservation across the curriculum.


As a California Green Ribbon School – Gold Level – we integrate the theme of stewardship through all course work.  Students at all grade levels participate in the History Garden, where they raise crops that represent eras of study in ancient civilizations, world history, and U.S. History. By raising plants like rice, papyrus, and corn, students are able to understand the historical importance of crops and trade. We are working toward greater world awareness for our students.


Magnet students are offered elective classes in the arts, computer science, and languages which are taught addressing the students’ diverse abilities.  Technology and its use weaves all the subjects together. The environmental elective looks at various biomes on planet Earth and considers how the stewardship of these affects the planet as a whole. Several staff members have attended workshops at the Jet Propulsion Lab, preparing them to engage the students and address the New Generation Science Standards.  One of the electives, in partnership with JPL, is the robotics elective, where students program a robot to run the skills map at JPL.


 Our magnet students participate in many clubs, like debate, robotics, and eco (environment) that give them skills that will make them globally aware and prepare them to make a contribution to our school and community.  The interaction with the garden club and the community during our monthly Farmers’ Market, teaches the students valuable interpersonal communication skills that they would not normally get in the classroom.  Rather than peer to peer communication, the business dealings of the Farmers’ Market teaches the valuable skill of professional communication.

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